Foster Care Child Elbert











He’s handsome isn’t he? The face of a model? No, the face of a survivor. His name is Elbert.

The earliest picture Elbert Belcher has of himself shows him in his mother’s arms as a newborn. Moments after this picture, Elbert was taken by a social worker and placed into the state’s care.

It was the beginning of 21 years in foster care. He lived in many foster homes throughout his childhood. At age 12, he and his siblings were finally adopted. Unfortunately, after 4 years in that extremely abusive home, they were separated and placed back into states care. Beating all odds, Elbert received his GED and currently studies social work at BCTC. He is a board member of The FCC and a voice for foster youth. “Growing up in foster care I never had what the other kids had; a family, participating in activities and cool clothes. I never felt normal; no child should have to feel this way! The FCC is striving to change this and I’m proud to be a part of it!”“I was born into the state’s care,” Belcher said. “But God has blessed me with where I am and what he has brought me through.

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